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Commercial Business Insurance Experts in Edwardsville, Illinois

As a small business owner, you know firsthand just how important it is to keep you, your product, and your employees protected from both internal and external elements. Whether that means theft, a fire, property damage, injured employees, or any other business interruptions, you can count on Community Brokers Insurance in Edwardsville, IL to help you find the perfect policy to fit your business’s needs. Our independent agents have years of experience working with clients and businesses of all industries, making us the first choice for business owners in your local area that requires a quality insurance plan. Find out how much coverage you need based on your business and budget by scheduling a free consultation with one of our agents today.

General Business Insurance

While it is important to protect your personal belongings, it is also important to have the right policies that help protect your small business in Edwardsville, IL. At Community Brokers Insurance, we understand the needs of local business owners, that’s why we have been helping them protect their livelihood for years with insurance policies that cover all aspects of their businesses. From liability and property insurance to commercial and auto coverage, make sure you talk to our insurance-certified agents about what is best for you and your growing company. We provide the following forms of commercial insurance:

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Commercial Property Insurance

If your business is not insured properly, the dream of running a successful company could be gone before you know it. Unfortunately, there are numerous liability issues and other hazards that come with running your own business, luckily, you can always call the professionals at Community Brokers Insurance with a question about where your business is covered and where you could use more coverage. Our commercial property insurance covers damages to everything including inventory, products, documents, machinery, furniture, equipment, personal property, and more. If your commercial business is run out of your home or you own a brick-and-mortar property, it is necessary to invest in commercial property insurance. Have peace of mind with every step you take in your growing business with help from our insurance agents in Edwardsville, IL.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance helps to protect your small or growing business from claims that happened during normal business operations. This would include everything from property damage and physical injury to court defense costs. All in all, investing in commercial liability insurance will protect your business from day-to-day risks that are involved in the natural process of your industry. At Community Brokers Insurance in Edwardsville, IL, we work with our clients to determine exactly how much coverage is needed based on the type of business you own and the line of work you’re in. Protect your commercial company today with quality and affordable commercial liability insurance from the best carriers in the business.

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Workers’ Compensation

Whether you have 5 or 50 employees, investing in workers’ compensation insurance is necessary for any circumstance. Regardless of the location of your business in Edwardsville, IL, or whether it is located in an office or construction setting, workers’ compensation insurance will help to cover a large portion of medical expenses or a loss of wages for any employee that becomes ill or is injured while on the job. Not only does this give your employees peace of mind in the event of an emergency, but it protects you from having to deal with a potential lawsuit for compensation. Illinois, like every other state, has its own regulations and laws that come with workers’ compensation insurance. Get professional advice with Community Brokers Insurance and speak to one of our dedicated agents today.

Contractor Liability Insurance

If your commercial business involves supplying goods, materials, equipment, or services to an external company, we offer quality and affordable contractor liability insurance. Contractor liability insurance will help to protect your business in the event of an accident or loss of goods that could result in a lawsuit. Always be prepared for the unexpected with contractor liability insurance to protect your business, employees, and goods by contacting Community Brokers Insurance in Edwardsville, IL. Our agents have years of experience working with business clients to give them peace of mind in or traveling to their workplace. Get a free quote when you call today at (618) 656-7200.

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